What do you want your Conservatory to be?

Lounge or Dining Room, a Games Area, a meeting room or study, a place to sit, to relax, or to enjoy.
A comfortable, peaceful place, to socialise with friends or family, a place that is as versatile and as adaptable as you choose.


Edwardian conservatories provide timeless elegance combined with the most efficient use of the available space. They combine floor space with the simple, straight lines that were so typical of the Edwardian era and are predominantly square or rectangular, evocative of the inherent strength of both structure and character giving maximum living space for any given area. Read more »


The ageless design suits both traditional and contemporary homes.
With classic good looks and elegant design features, a Victorian conservatory will enhance almost any home and work equally well with modern properties too. Read more »

Lean to

The traditional Sun lounge or Lean-To Conservatory with refreshingly clean lines.

The Lean-to (or Sunroom) conservatory is probably the simplest in design and originally the most popular conservatory option. With its clean lines and timeless appearance the Lean-to conservatory style is still a very popular choice today. Read more »

P Shape Conservatory

Combining two distinct areas into one attractive and very versatile conservatory.

P-Shaped conservatories combine a mixture of Lean-to and Victorian/Edwardian styles which when viewed from above takes the shape of a P.

What our customers love about the P-Shape style is that it almost equates to adding an additional two rooms to your house, as it can allow for one section to be used for dining and the other to be enjoyed for relaxing. Read more »